Beer Bellies Forever

About Powli

I am not a beer expert and I do not pretend be.  I love beer, and by reviewing and critiquing it I find that I can discover things about the brews I enjoy that I didn’t notice before.  Furthermore, reviewing beers gives one the opportunity to try variety.  No matter how much you enjoy a certain brewery, style, or beer, it is a crime to deny your taste buds the experience of experimentation and the potential to find a new favorite.

In my reviews I will attempt to be straightforward and specific, but it is impossible to remain objective about such a subjective thing.  Let me know the things you like about beers too.  I’m willing to be convinced otherwise.

Anyways, bottoms up! (Your glasses I mean… not your ass.)  (Dammit!  I mean your drinking glasses, not that contraption on your face!)



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