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Anchor Brewing Co. – Old Foghorn: A Barley Wine Style Ale

In Barley Wine Ale, Reviewed by hazelk on March 21, 2011 at 10:47 am

Reviewed by hazelk

Packaging: This ale is sold in a 6 pack of retro styled 12 oz bottles. The label has a charming musical feel to it, boasting that this beer hails from San Francisco’s Anchor Brewing Company. The story of the ale appears on every bottle – I always love when they do this.

Appearance: Rich caramel coloring with a healthy head of froth. Chose to pour in a brandy glass as I have only ever been served barley wine in a brandy glass. I have no idea if this is how brandy wine is supposed to be served but I think it adds a much deserved decadence to this barley wine style ale.

Smell: Malty, slightly candied smell. I don’t mean to be weird, but there’s some definite banana going on. Smells delicious.

Taste: A delightful caramel flavor with clear sherry undertones. It’s the love child of an exquisite barley wine and a fine IPA. ┬áHaving had the pleasure, years back, of imbibing a thick rich barley wine made by a local brewery, I am elated to have now found the more casual ale version of such a treat.

Overall: Definitely worth the $15 for the 6 pack.

Grade: A