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Firestone – Double Jack Double IPA

In Double IPA, Reviewed by Powli on March 24, 2011 at 5:26 pm

Reviewed by Powli

Appearance: A medium golden brown with a small head that laces lightly down the glass.

Smell: Hoppy with hints of flora and fruit.  Mango especially comes out in the smell and has a very nice sweetness to it.

Taste: Robust with sweetness and a definite perfume-esque  taste caused by the hops.  A light bitterness which disappears quickly.  Apricots and vanilla emerge soon into the drink.  There is a lasting aftertaste where hops stay strong, and a light caramel essence.  Very complex.

Mouthfeel: Zesty crispness with an mellow overall coating of the mouth.

Overall: Best IPA I’ve had. Complex flavors and terrific smells coupled with a smooth and satiating feeling.

Grade: A+


Firestone – Double Jack Double IPA

In Double IPA, Reviewed by hazelk on March 21, 2011 at 9:54 am

Reviewed by hazelk

Packaging: Arriving in a lovely amber 650ml bottle, the packaging is classy and fairly minimal, with a textured cream colored paper embossed with a bronze banner. Also, the lion and bear posed like fighting Irish keeps it somewhat whimsical and softens any pretentious tones.

Appearance: Rich amber coloring with some deep red undertones and a healthy head full of froth.

Smell: Exquisite. I’ve never been to paradise, but now I’ve smelled it.  It’s a floral smell, perfume like, with playful citrus moments and the underlying hint of hops.  If you bought it simply for its scent, there’s no judgement from me.

Taste: A hearty hop flavor clings to the back of my throat. It’s meant to be savored, in spite of its lightness. There is a definite floral taste that is welcomed in all its weirdness.  The light grapefruit adds a nice bit of sourness. It’s a complex taste full of surprises. The more I sip at it, the further I’m lead down the maze to chase its mystique.

Overall: Terrific IPA. This beer is an absolute flirt.

Grade: A